PVC Roofing Los Angeles


Your home or business has your roof as one of its most important and largest protective assets. U.S. Roofing Pros is here to make sure it stays that way. We do that by giving you the very best products and services. PVC roofing in Los Angeles sees extreme upper temperatures in excess of 100°. These hot weather conditions cause havoc on roofs. You need your roof in good shape protect all the assets that are underneath it including your family and belongings as well as your comfort. We are committed to making sure you have the highest quality roofing systems in the Los Angeles area. PVC roofing systems provide long-lasting, top-quality, waterproof and durable roofs. The modern designs in PVC roofing these days make it ideal for roof top decks as well as other uses.

PVC Roofing Systems Benefits:

Low slope or flat roofs are the thing to have these days. There used to be problems with flat roofs that revolved around control and entrapment of moisture. With the new Advanced Technology in PVC roofing membranes those concerns and problems are gone. Over the years PVC roofing systems absolved those problems as well as having made other advantageous improvements.

PVC roofing membranes give you the following benefits:

• Superior Longevity and Durability

Exceptional durability and longevity can be expected with the PVC roofing systems provided by U.S. Roofing Pros. Heat welding make sure that any PVC roof will last a long time and be very durable. It is been said that heat welded PVC roofs are like a continuous, seamless membrane because they heat welded seams are stronger than the material itself. This allows PVC roofs to beat the weather in Los Angeles. Extreme hot sun beating down on your PVC roof, mixed in with the smog, will not damage this roof. Exceptional materials and installation leave you with a product that has a 20 year warranty. This is almost unheard of in the single ply, flat roof industry. This gives you extra value and also leaves you worry free for many years.

• Almost no Combustion

It is absolutely amazing that a PVC roof is difficult to set on fire and also resists combustion.

• Leakage is a thing of the past

Can you remember the times when water sitting in puddles on your roof started leaking. That could have you worried every day you are under that roof. That could have you worried even when you’re not under that roof. I know I would be worried. The exceptional installation and material installed by U.S. Roofing Pros takes away that anxiety. Our customers feel confident after having a roof installed by U.S. Roofing Pros. The exposure to bacteria, fungi, dampness and alkaline conditions do not affect this roof.


• Minimum Maintenance Problems

Maintenance problems with a PVC roof eliminate potential worries. Occasionally you have to clean the accumulated leaves, dirt, debris and any other things that might have fallen on the roof but that’s about the most work you’re going to have to do for maintenance. You should go up on the roof once in a while and check to see if there’s any other problem also. If there’s a problem, repairs are a snap because PVC roofs can be welded which puts them back in their seamless condition leaving you a waterproof seal over your building. Any repairs will be just as strong as the original. While this PVC roof is on your building and you encounter a problem, you can call U.S. Roofing Pros at 310-906-9991 for any advice, repair, concerns or problems.

• Low Utility Costs which means Energy Efficiency

The added benefits of energy efficiency and low utility costs make PVC roofing in Los Angeles very attractive.  Highly reflective surfaces, like PVC roofs, are known as “cool roofs”. They save you energy which is good for the environment.

• Roofing Restoration

The good news, if not excellent news, is that PVC roofs can go right over the top of your existing roof. That is a considerable savings by not having to remove the existing roof. The fact that they are light in weight means that you don’t have to add additional structural strength to install this new roof over the top of your other roof. There are lots of advantages that a lightweight PVC roof will give you. To get these advantages call U.S. Roofing Pros at 310-906-9991. They offer a free estimate and free consultation. You will not be sorry you made this call and it may be the best roofing call you have ever made.